EMEA Channel Academy Awards #11 february 2009 #Monaco

VENDOR Awards: The DISTREE Diamond Awards serve as recognition for companies that offer a compelling overall strategy. Selected exclusively by channel partners, the DISTREE Diamond Awards are a hallmark of quality in terms of go-to-market strategy and product portfolio for brands that are selected to receive an award. The winner in each category is determined through votes cast by hundreds of channel partners during DISTREE EMEA.

DISTRIBUTOR Awards: Voting is now open for vendors and channel customers to select the ‘Retail Distributor of the Year’ across 11 separate regions. Alexandra Sinson, Event Director for DISTREE EMEA 2016: “We expect a record number of online voting forms to be submitted this year. We believe that retailers, resellers and also vendors are best-placed to identify the Distributor of the Year in the regions they operate in. We encourage all suppliers and channel partners to submit their votes online.”

A shortlist of retail distributors for each award has been created by independent channel experts in each region. Voters also have the opportunity to select a company not on the shortlist if that is their preferred option.

RETAILER Awards: Voting is now open for vendors and distributors to select the ‘Retailer of the Year’ across nine separate regions. In addition, there is one separate category for ‘European Online Marketplace of the Year’, recognise the growing important of third party e-commerce platforms as a viable volume route-to-market for consumer technology products.

Alexandra Sinson, Event Director for DISTREE EMEA 2016: “We’re always amazed by the variety of retailers and e-tailers that exist within Europe when it comes to selling consumer technology. These awards give vendors and distributors the chance to vote for the retailers, e-tailers and the online marketplaces that have excelled during the last 12 months.”

“We don’t want people to just vote for the largest retailer in each category. We want them to select the retailers that has done something unique, stood out from the crowd and carved out a strong reputation within its market. The ‘EMEA Channels Academy: 2016 Awards’ are an important part of the overall experience at DISTREE EMEA.”